The world's first in the manufacture of probiotics.


Healthy intestinal microflora:
  • Prevents chronic diarrea
  • Prevents flatulence
  • Prevents cancer
  • Helps detoxify the body
  • Improves overall immunity and health condition

Identification of up to 1000 bacterial species
Guarantee of intestinal microbial status changes

Why individualized probiotics?

  • A yearlong tailor-made probiotics treatment.
  • Unique technology of patented probiotic bacteria.
  • Laboratory analysis of your biological sample.
  • Identification up to thousands of bacterial species of your intestinal microflora.
  • Production of personalized probiotics according to your exact individual needs.
  • Comparative analysis of your sample after 3 months of therapy.
  • Production of a completely new probiotic composition based on the 2nd analysis.
  • Increased adhesion of probiotics to mucous membranes through ProbiGlue.

Enhancement of intestinal microflora function

We are living in times when the combination of inappropriate environment and poor food composition (often containing antibiotics, preservatives and other antimicrobial substances) disturbs and lowers the level of our intestinal microflora, which is directly responsible for releasing negative substances into the body. If the level of the intestinal microflora is low, the negative substances more easily penetrate the body, and this can result in overall immunosuppression, long-term intestinal and digestive problems, various types of allergies or inflammatory processes in the body and on the skin.

By long time using of antibiotics, probiotics are essential to repair the disrupted microflora in the body. Antibiotics destroy the intestinal microflora, which may have a negative impact in the long term, and therefore it is necessary to protect your body.

We are offering a solution for

Much greater efficiency

Based on the results of your intestinal microflora analysis, our team will prepare a completely individual probiotic treatment exactly to your specific needs. Unlike conventional probiotics, these are most fresh probiotics with a high concentration of probiotic bacteria.

Our long-standing research has positively demonstrated that the probiotic composition based on a patient's biological sample analysis is the only way to accurately model the intestinal microflora environment to maximize the effectiveness of probiotics.

For tailor-made probiotics, we use the described and clinically tested strains that are best suited for immunity. We have the largest bank of human probiotic strains with clinically proven effects. Individualized probiotics focus primarily on the area of intestines and the treatment of diarrhea or skin problems, but also on the addition of probiotics to idiopathic intestinal inflammations.

How does it work?


Collection and delivery of samples for laboratory analysis of up to 1,000 species of bacteria


After samples delivery, the probiotic unfriendly bacteria are identified


According to the analysis, individualized probiotics are produced

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Individualized VS. Mass-produced probiotics

Probiotics are not like probiotics. Generally available probiotics are a good solution for your intestinal microflora, but their basic deficiency lies in the fact that they are unable to supplement those strains that you just miss. Also, you cannot usually increase the frequency of those strains you currently need. In addition, long-stored probiotics significantly decrease their effectiveness. Many probiotic bacteria die during long-term storage at room temperature and therefore cannot function properly. Combined with inappropriate storage and shipping, you get a product that has a very low efficiency and is a waste of your money.

The word "individualized" makes it clear that these probiotics work quite differently. Analyzing your stool will tell you the current state of your microflora, which we compare with your medical history and prepare a special formula just for you. This unique solution will bring you the exact strains you miss. Probiotics produced in this way are delivered in special aluminum cans and transported immediately after production directly to you.

We produce probiotics for only 3 months period and always store at 2-8 ° C. As part of an individual approach, we are performing you a second analysis of the stool that you send us in the fourth month and we compare how the microflora has changed over 3 months of use of Probione. The results are transferred to the composition of new probiotics for the next 6-12 months. The guarantee of an individualized approach is to complement your microflora by following your exact needs according to results of the current analysis.

Our customers experience

Experience with Probione probiotics and Prebiolax prebiotics. Last year in December, I began to take Probione (tailor-made Probiotics). In the long run I had problems with digestion, inflated belly - even when I ate little, I suffered from irregular emptying, and I had stomachache after eating. Analysis of my intestinal microflora did not please me very much - some bacteria were well below standard. But at least it explained my discomfort and I knew I was on the right way. Besides that, I know that healthy bowels strengthen immunity. In my probiotics delivery pack there was a Prebiolax attached and it was recommended to take one teaspoon in the evening.

For the first two months, I did not notice any major changes, but I learned that the "repair" of the intestinal microflora is a long-running process, and just during the third month of taking probiotics and prebiotics a change has occurred. The belly is normal again, I go to the toilet on a regular basis, I do not have any stomach problems, and I have a different feeling in my belly, which is a subjective opinion, but I cannot express it altogether.

I am very satisfied with the products and I am curious about further analysis of the intestinal microflora. In the next six months I will receive modified probiotics for the current state of my intestines. I recommended them to my friends.

M.V. Pilsen

I am already elderly, and decision to try this treatment up has been caused by the fact that I have been repeatedly experiencing viral infections in the winter (sometimes several times a month, although I have been cured of immunity for long and taking medicaments to increase white blood cell amount, because leukocytes in my blood count were repeatedly below the minimum). The viral infections I suffered regularly changed to bronchitis or laryngitis, treated with antibiotics. I was also taking the mold suppressants that affected me on various parts of my body (nails, skin and oral cavity), and I kept a strict diet (no sugar, fermented bread, mold cheese, beer, etc.). That's why I've been looking forward to improving my health condition when starting treatment of "tailor-made probiotics" that I've read in the daily press.

As it is clear from the above text, my health condition was not good at all in the autumn. After I have been taking your medicaments since January 2018, I have not been ill until now, I have had no cold, although there was a lengthy flu epidemic in Prague that my husband did not resist. The number of my white blood cells has risen, it's normal, and my treatment for immunity is over. I sleep well, my appetite is high (maybe too much) and I am always in a good mood. My stool has also been adjusted and it is regular now with no problems. The only thing I didn´t succeed is to lose weight, which is probably caused by eating more than ever before – now I taste everything.

I am very excited about your therapy and I am going to continue with it with pleasure. Thank you very much !!!

Your grateful client
Next customers experience

A yearlong recovery treatment

1 - 2 month
Sample collection and delivery + personal questionnaire.
Analysis of laboratory results of up to 1000 species of bacteria.
3 - 5 month
Production and delivery of individualized probiotics for the next 3 months.
6 - 8 month
Production and delivery of individualized probiotics for the next 3 months.
Sample collection and delivery after 4 months of use.
Laboratory analysis after 4 months of use and comparison of results.
We guarantee improvement and enhancement of intestinal microflora between stool samples, documented by attached laboratory analysis.
9 - 11 month
Production and delivery of individualized probiotics for the next 3 months.
12 - 14 month
Production and delivery of individualized probiotics for the next 3 months.

A yearlong Probione treatment contains

collecting set and delivery to customer
initial analysis of the collected sample
making a probiotic passport - determining which probiotic cultures are missing or potentially weakened
control analysis after 4 months of use
Probiotic production based on probiotic passport (90 pcs per dose)
Probiotics delivery to customer´s address

Certified result of input and control analysis of probiotic passport, usable for probiotics production anytime in the future

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