Long-term care

Hasty times of today´s, stress, unhealthy eating, chemicals in our environment - all that have a devastating effect on our intestinal microflora. There may also be an excess of antibiotics and other antimicrobial substances in the diet in combination with foods with a zero-prebiotic value from the perspective of creation and maintenance of the intestinal microflora level. The condition of your intestinal microflora is therefore systematically getting worse in the long term. In addition, hereditary predispositions play a significant role here.

The long-term evaluation of the data has clearly demonstrated the low number of bacterial strains and their quantity within the healthy population. If our body is exposed to the influence of hostile bacteria for a long time, the defense of the organism is being weakened step by step.

Based on a stool specimen, we will find out the current state of your intestinal microflora so as to effectively enhance it. Although you are not facing any visible and specific difficulties now, we consider the way of regular care to be very important for maintaining the long-term defense of your body.

Each of our customers is unique and specific and we approach each of our customers completely individually. Our entire team of pharmacists, analysts and laborers are fully focused on solving the difficulties of our customers. The result is world-unique individualized probiotics made to measure just for you.

Your health is important to us.

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How does it work?


Collection and delivery of samples for laboratory analysis of up to 1,000 species of bacteria


After samples delivery, the probiotic unfriendly bacteria are identified


According to the analysis, individualized probiotics are produced

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