Acute condition

Our body receives a lot of harmful bacteria daily, which significantly disrupt the body´s defense of our organism and the overall balance of the intestinal microflora. By long-term problems, our body is so weakened that it needs special support in the form of the most effective treatment focused to the problem./p>

Individualized probiotics primarily focus to the area of intestines and support intestinal microflora in case of diarrhea or skin problems. In addition, they have a positive strengthening effect on overall immunity.

Based on the stool analysis, we will find out current representation and frequency of individual bacterial strains in your organism and we will produce probiotics right just for you. If you are currently experiencing health problems or feelings of discomfort and fatigue, do not wait any longer and come along with us to solve your problem.

Each of our customers is unique and specific and we approach each of our customers completely individually. Our entire team of pharmacists, analysts and laborers are fully focused on solving the difficulties of our customers. The result is world-unique individualized probiotics made to measure just for you.

Your health is important to us.

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How does it work?


Collection and delivery of samples for laboratory analysis of up to 1,000 species of bacteria


After samples delivery, the probiotic unfriendly bacteria are identified


According to the analysis, individualized probiotics are produced

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