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Medi Pharma Vision ltd. is a purely Czech bioscience company that specializes in microbial products focused on gastrointestinal disorders, metabolism, infection and immunity.

The individualized probiotics project is the result of many years of research and development along with Pharmaceutical Biotechnology company, where we cooperate with RNDr. Petr Ryšávka.

We have always produced very effective probiotics to maximize the effects, which the patent solutions are a proof of it. However, at maximum effort, we were unable to guarantee the perfect efficiency and optimal handling of probiotics in a common distribution network. We wanted to provide our customers with an alternative to commonly produced probiotics whose ability to enrich the microflora of an individual is very limited. We were looking for the perfect solution for our clients. A solution that will guarantee an individual and perfect way to strengthen your intestinal microflora.

The result is Probione. Absolutely revolutionary opportunity of individual "repair" of the infected intestinal microflora. Probiotics are developed only for a specific person based on a specialized analysis of the intestinal microbe. These analyses reveal which desirable microorganisms are in the body in a small amount or even absent. Based on these analysis, an entirely unique preparation for the intestinal microflora treatment is made, which is able to efficiently supplement the missing friendly bacteria for a long period.

Each of our customers is unique and exceptional and we approach each of our customers completely individually. Our entire team of pharmacists, analysts and laborers are fully focused on solving our customers´ difficulties. The result is world-unique individualized probiotics made just for you.

Our health is important for us.

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Experience with Probione probiotics and Prebiolax prebiotics. Last year in December, I began to take Probione (tailor-made Probiotics). In the long run I had problems with digestion, inflated belly - even when I ate little, I suffered from irregular emptying, and I had stomachache after eating. Analysis of my intestinal microflora did not please me very much - some bacteria were well below standard. But at least it explained my discomfort and I knew I was on the right way. Besides that, I know that healthy bowels strengthen immunity. In my probiotics delivery pack there was a Prebiolax attached and it was recommended to take one teaspoon in the evening.

For the first two months, I did not notice any major changes, but I learned that the "repair" of the intestinal microflora is a long-running process, and just during the third month of taking probiotics and prebiotics a change has occurred. The belly is normal again, I go to the toilet on a regular basis, I do not have any stomach problems, and I have a different feeling in my belly, which is a subjective opinion, but I cannot express it altogether.

I am very satisfied with the products and I am curious about further analysis of the intestinal microflora. In the next six months I will receive modified probiotics for the current state of my intestines. I recommended them to my friends.

M.V. Pilsen

I am already elderly, and decision to try this treatment up has been caused by the fact that I have been repeatedly experiencing viral infections in the winter (sometimes several times a month, although I have been cured of immunity for long and taking medicaments to increase white blood cell amount, because leukocytes in my blood count were repeatedly below the minimum). The viral infections I suffered regularly changed to bronchitis or laryngitis, treated with antibiotics. I was also taking the mold suppressants that affected me on various parts of my body (nails, skin and oral cavity), and I kept a strict diet (no sugar, fermented bread, mold cheese, beer, etc.). That's why I've been looking forward to improving my health condition when starting treatment of "tailor-made probiotics" that I've read in the daily press.

As it is clear from the above text, my health condition was not good at all in the autumn. After I have been taking your medicaments since January 2018, I have not been ill until now, I have had no cold, although there was a lengthy flu epidemic in Prague that my husband did not resist. The number of my white blood cells has risen, it's normal, and my treatment for immunity is over. I sleep well, my appetite is high (maybe too much) and I am always in a good mood. My stool has also been adjusted and it is regular now with no problems. The only thing I didn´t succeed is to lose weight, which is probably caused by eating more than ever before – now I taste everything.

I am very excited about your therapy and I am going to continue with it with pleasure. Thank you very much !!!

Your grateful client
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